What We’re Thankful For


My travels back to Philadelphia and then to New Jersey have made me realize a few things that I’m thankful for at good old State:

  • The water pressure in Simmons. Truly, it’s like a little slice of heaven. I went back into my bathroom at home and wished I could teleport to the dorm shower, even if I had to wear flip-flops.
  • Redifer’s Hot Steel & Noodles. I love Philly’s Yang Ming, but this gracious staff makes me a gluten-free stir-fry every day for dinner and I can’t wait to get back.
  • The sprawling campus. If you had asked me how I liked walking to the football game on Saturday through the snow with an 11-degree wind-chill, my chattering teeth wouldn’t have mustered a response, but driving on the Schuylkill Expressway yesterday made me yearn for State College, where I can walk everywhere and anywhere I want.
  • The shops’ late hours. How can Starbucks even think of closing before 12 a.m.? I need Redifer’s Late Night and Insomnia Cookies’ 3 a.m. delivery.
  • John Legend is coming to the BJC. He’s downright amazing. If you haven’t heard Green Light, check it out, and be there on December 4!

About Author

Lisa is a sophomore majoring in History and Philosophy. She likes peach tea and new information.


  1. As a Penn State alumnus I LOVED reading your post………the more things change (3 am cookie delivery?) the more they stay the same (frigid cold weather!)…….