Rumor Mill Update: Girl Talk


We’re not sure why SOMA hasn’t begun advertising the concert yet, but here are the details we have right now. This information has been compiled through a variety of sources. Today, we confirmed with Girl Talk’s agent that he is scheduled for a concert in State College on Thursday. We also heard that the Raw Aesthetic Movement Squad is planning on opening for him.

Here’s the need to know information (but ALL of this is subject to change):

WHAT: Girl Talk, with an opening by Raw Aesthetic Movement
WHEN: 8:00 pm Thursday night
WHERE: HUB Alumni Hall
COST: Free

Here’s the rest of our coverage on the concert.

Don’t know who Girl Talk is? Check out this NYTimes article.

*** Make sure you thank the SOMA organizers on Thursday night if this works out! And, frankly, even if it doesn’t, this is exactly the kind of student-engagement that makes this university great. To a considerable extent, we can build our own experience.


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