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7:52- Evan and I arrive at the HUB
7:56- There aren’t any lines,just a general aggregation of people.
7:58- The lines begin.
8:08- The realization that we’ll be in line for more than an hour sets in. Everyone sits down.
8:30- The line is worse than the line to vote. It’s wrapped past higher grounds down the hall.
8:47- Red Bull Girls Arrive!
8:54- The line engulfs the top of the HUB. Less than an hour til doors open.
9:03- The amount of American Apparel is overwhelming.
9:10- Everyone stands up.
9:29- The line moves.
10:12- Doors open. Stampede Walmart style.
10:20-Grand Buffet enters.
10:27: “This song is about cocaine.”
10:28: “This show would not be possible without Sbarro Pizza and Jesus Christ.”
10:37- Grand Buffet leaves. The wait is on.
10:45- Girl Talk comes on then leaves.
10:54- Girl Talk comes out for real.
12:02- Still going strong.
12:06- He Girl Talk stands up on stage, then departs.


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Eli is a junior majoring in International Politics. He enjoys paninis and books.


  1. I showed up about 10:15ish. A cop was flipping out shouting. Then he and a guy were shouting at each other. The cops said they weren’t letting anyone in because the Alumni hall doors were broken during the stampede. The hall didn’t even seem full remotely to capacity. But the HUB area was definitely pretty trashed. Everyone standing outside the hall was majorly bummed. Girl in gold tights crying. Went outside and stood in freezing rain to try to catch some of the show through the window. Got cold and went to bar.

  2. I assume that I was that kid yelling at the officer…I admit I kinda lost it. My friends and I got there at 8:15 and waited in the huge line, but apparently were in the one section of the line that had no view of people rushing the door in front of us or the people busting into the side entrance. The most annoying part of it all was the large number of people who jumped the line to get in and then decided it was lame and left almost as soon as they got there. I applaud SOMA’s hard work to get him here but seriously, how hard would it have been to hand out wristbands or something.

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