Graham’s Brainstorm Blog Changes Policy


Left of Centre, a.k.a. Veblen, noticed something pretty interesting on Graham Spanier’s Chronicle of Higher Education’s Brainstorm blog. For the full story, check out Left of Centre.

The Chronicle’s policy regarding comments changed significantly. Here’s the before and after comparison:


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  1. As usual with the anonymous blogger at Left of Centre, he’s cooked up another conspiracy theory with little evidence or thought.

    Graham Spanier’s blog at The Chronicle isn’t the only one to have its comment policy updated. The blogs for all nine of its bloggers have been updated.

    It’s far more likely that The Chronicle itself decided to update its comment policy. There is enough that needs fixing at Penn State, let’s not create controversy needlessly.

  2. Ah yes Tom, more important things…oh, say like saving park benches, singing songs, and opposing progressive student alliances… Yes, yes by all means more important things.

    The only comment section on the blogs over at CHE that has been vibrant and controversial has been Spanier’s and CHE would have been no reason to change the policy if it weren’t for the negative feedback that Spanier was receiving on the comments section. It is also noteworthy that Spanier’s blog was the only one to address the “uncivil” nature of our public discourse. In addition, Old Main has begun to archive his blogs on their own servers without the comment sections and without links to the original posts. They have, in turn, been pimping those sanitized posts on the Penn State Propaganda Portal. Hence it is reasonable to assume that the comment section on his blog was an issue for him and that he was responsible for the folks at CHE changing that policy. And it would be highly unlikely that the CHE, once it has decided to change its policy, that it would change it for only one of its blogs.

    If you want further evidence that Spanier was behind the change, consider that I had one of my comments deleted yesterday from Spanier’s blog. This followed a flurry of visits to my blog from some folks in the Old Main Propaganda Shop, as well as others in Old Main, and a visit from someone at CHE, who interestingly enough arrived via this post at Onward State.(If you’d like evidence, email me and I’ll share my Stat Counter data with you. But your own counter likely shows the CHE visit.) So it would seem that Old Main concerns that students might learn the truth about their prexy could have very well served as partial motivation for pushing for CHE to change their policy.

    Taking into mind those possible concerns, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to Tom. He typically acts like he is on a mission from god, but my guess is that today he’s on a mission from Sims. You guys at Onward State seem pretty smart. Would you listen to someone that thinks Islamofascism is real and the Newt and Ricky Santorum are great men? Ok, joking aside, you seem smart; consider the arguments on all sides and make your own minds up, but& beware of the social pressure that Old Main will bring to bear on you in trying to get you to conform.