Penn Stater Photo Shoot w/ Volleyball Champions


Penn Stater magazine put up a short video of the photo shoot it did yesterday with the Women’s Volleyball Team– the video features Kelsey Ream, Megan Hodge, and Nicole Fawcett posing for photographer Bill Cramer (Class of 1985). You can find the full blog entry here.

The most interesting part is how the magazine handled including a picture of a player who is working abroad this semester.

Oh, and one player couldn’t be there for the shoot—Christa Harmotto is student-teaching in England—so we hired a photographer in England to shoot her against a very similar backdrop, and we’ll somehow stitch her in. (We’ll include a note to this effect in the magazine, I’m sure; we have no interest in deceiving anyone.)

Pretty clever. We’re a little confused why they had to do the shoot in Rec Hall if the girls are posing in front of a white background. Maybe we’ll be enlightened when the issue comes out.


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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the link. We shot this in Rec Hall for a few reasons: It was a logical place to get the players together (it’s where their locker room is, and many of them were going to be there for workouts, anyway); low ceilings are the bane of photographers’ existence, and there was no worry about that on the gym floor; and, the space was available. Hope that helps.
    Ryan Jones
    Senior Editor
    The Penn Stater

  2. Davis,
    Let me check on that — though in the meantime, I can tell you that all Penn State grads get a gratis one-year Alumni Association membership after they graduate, and that membership includes a subscription to The Penn Stater.