OSU White Out Shirt: “The Nutcracker: A Terrelle Cryer Story”


OSU White Out Shirt

I know, I know. White Out shirt MANIA is occurring right now. It all seems so ridiculous, but I promise you this Ohio State White Out shirt is totally worth it.

The Penn State Marketing Association (PSMA) puts together regular contests to design alternate White Out shirts for our bigger games (ex: Iowa shirt read, “Lighting doesn’t strike twice.” Apparently it does, but that’s beside the point). The design for the Ohio State game is brilliant. It has the Nittany Lion presenting a box of tissues to a crying Terrelle Pryor. How can a Penn State fan NOT enjoy this shirt?

Members of PSMA will be selling them from now until the game (which will take place next Saturday). As of now, there is no definite place the shirts will be sold, so your best bet is to track down a PSMA member. They are $10 and, in my opinion, well worth it.


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Melanie is a senior majoring in both Marketing and Advertising. She enjoys blowing bubbles, beating boys in Mario Kart, and going to concerts. Oh, and she takes photographs, as well.


  1. The nut joke on this t-shirt is unsatisfactorily tame. That being said, where can I get a youth large?

    • Penn St. Alum living in Colorado. Would love to get one of these ahead of the game as I will be with some Ohio State fans out here for the kick-off on Saturday. Can make PayPal payment.

  2. AWFUL. We try and act like we hold ourselves to a better standard. “Success with honor?” “Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Respectful?” Yeah, ok. This is striaght up Philadelphia Flyers-fans style: childish and immature. Nothing this absurd should be associated with Penn State. Most of the people who will be wearing these aren’t even really sports fans.. they’re just Penn State football fans because it’s the cool thing to do. And to that I say, all of you.. please go straight to hell.

    • I think you are forgetting that half of Penn State are Flyers fans. Wondering why they’re selling like hot-cakes now, jackass?

      • Oh, I’m quite aware. And among Flyers fans, many of them openly admit the hypocrisy of the way they act as Flyers fans and the “success with honor” statement that they expect Penn State athletics to uphold. And then you have assholes like you who don’t expect Penn State to uphold any kind of standards, and you end up with shirts like this.

        • It’s not just Flyers fans. Pretty much everyone from Philadelphia is a douchebag. At least everyone who likes a sports team.

  3. It’s a goddamn joke. Sorry PSU students like to have FUN at games and we can all take JOKES like NORMAL people. Get your head out of your ass and get over it. THON last year put a line in about Pryor…are you going to hate on kids with cancer now, because everyone chanted that?

    • Hate on kids with cancer? No. Hate on THON? Already been done last year when that happened.

      And this has nothing to do with having “FUN” (let me make sure I capitalize random words like you do..) This has to do with not being a complete asshole. As a Penn State fan you are supposed to be absurdly loud, passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated. What you AREN’T (random caps again!) supposed to be is belittling, arrogant, repulsive, derogatory, and insulting toward other teams and fans of other teams. Everything this shirt is.

  4. Derek, you are the definition of somebody taking this way to seriously. What’s wrong with the student body having fun?

  5. So where does the Muck Fichigan shirt that many tOSU students wear fall in line with not being insulting to other teams or schools?