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about 4 years ago

Alternatives to Using PSU Webmail

Are you tired of the boring PSU Webmail interface? Do you wish that the service had more functionality? Believe me, you are not alone! While Webmail is better than nothing at all, there are certainly much better solutions to managing your email.

First, you need to determine what features you want your email client to have. Do you want to have a calendar attached to it? Do you need to manage multiple email accounts? Are you leaving school soon and need to get out of using your @psu.edu address? Below are some different resources that suit a lot of different needs which will allow you to never use PSU Webmail again.

PSU Email with Microsoft Outlook/Mac Mail – What if you take your laptop somewhere to get some work done, but then, for some reason, cannot connect to the Internet? How are you supposed to access your email?! If you choose to use your desktop application (typically Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail), your computer will store emails on your machine so that Internet connectivity is not a requirement to access old emails. Check out the links below for information on how to set up your desktop application to get your PSU email.

Microsoft Outlook 2003 & 2007

Mac Mail

Switch to Gmail – A lot of people I know, myself included, decided to create a Gmail address instead of using their @psu.edu address. The benefit of this is that you can forward your PSU email (meaning anything anyone sends to your @psu.edu address goes right to your new email address) as well as the fact that you won’t need to scurry to tell everyone your new email address after you graduate. For those who don’t know, Penn State shuts off your PSU email address six months after you graduate. Why not create a new email address now so that you don’t have to deal with that headache at all? Below are some links that are great resources for switching to Gmail.

Penn State Webmail to Gmail

Onward State – Making the Move to Gmail

Gmail for Your Phone

Personally, I love using Gmail because it’s easy to work with on my iPhone and my Mac. I know a lot of people that would say the same about their phones and PCs as well, but the decision is up to you. One thing I’d recommend before you start switching is MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR EMAILS before you leave Webmail. You never know when you’ll need to access those old emails.

What configuration do you all have for your emails? Anything that you think other people would love? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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As the term starts rolling along says:

[...] • One of the first things those who are new to Penn State learn is that PSU’s Webmail sucks. It’s not pretty to look at, it’s not organized well, emails can get buried easily and are hard to see, the organizational scheme isn’t very “intuitive” — those who have used gmail usually respond to the interface: “Wow, why don’t they code this like gmail — or switch over!” I prefer to forward my psu email to gmail and download it to my Mac Mail client and iPad Mail. Onward State has a recent post with links on how to do just that. [...]

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