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about 4 years ago

Kildare’s Grand Opening This Thursday

Kildare’s Irish Pub, which took over the Hooters property in late May, is set to host its grand opening party this Thursday night. According to the Facebook event page, local band Velveeta will be playing live at the restaurant.

Kildare’s replicates pubs the Emerald Isle. Owner Dave Magrogan explains, “We basically keep outside walls, and inside we have recreated Irish heritage, pub history and culture. We have shipped in hundreds of containers of Irish artifacts to use throughout the buildings.” Including State College, Kildare’s has seven locations, three of which are also in large college towns.

Not only is it clear that the new pub will be quite a change from the “delightfully tacky” Hooters, but the fare will be far from that of Bennigan’s, merely an American restaurant masquerading as an Irish pub. Says executive chef Brian Duffy, “Our dishes are distinctly and authentically Irish, while keeping American preferences in mind.”

No word yet if drunken hordes dressed in green on a late February day constitutes “authentically Irish.”

At 538 E. College Ave., Kildare’s grand opening party begins at 10 p.m. Thursday and lasts until 2 a.m. Friday. Check out the new bar on the block and let us know what you think.

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