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about 4 years ago

Official UPUA Candidates List Released

The list of candidates for the 2011 University Park Undergraduate Association elections has been released.

*Denotes current UPUA member.


Presidential/Vice Presidential Tickets

T.J. Bard*/Courtney Lennartz*
Travis Salters*/Maggie Quinn*


Off-Campus (12 seats)

Chad Miller
Tonia Damiano*
Eli Glazier
Ernestine Jallah
Jake Plevelich
Jillian Seifrit*
David Harrington
Daniel Heitlinger*
Christopher Donohue
Malcolm Pascotti*
Sarah Gooch
Victor Schleich
Richard Pooler
Mallory Jo Reed*
Frank Chang
Brendan McNally
Anas Almathami
Adam Boyer*
Tiara Clay


On-Campus (7 seats)

Katie Quinn*
Molley Sheerer
Ali Fogarty
Colleen Cannon*
Candace Fox
Donte Ford
Rachel Franceschino
Alison Cook*
Thomas Bremer
Pyfrom Taylor
Yingxi Wu


At-Large (6 seats)

Kyle Lorenz*
Rebecca Alt*
Tyler Doppelheuer*
Katie Esarey*
Brenden Dooley
Curtis Houck
Derek Fehnel
Anthony Christina*
Justin Laskowski
Taylor Mendel
Kelly Terefenko*
Ben Snyder-Kamen


College of Agricultural Sciences

Patrick Thomas
Spencer Malloy
Gary Closs, Jr.


College of Arts and Architecture

Christen Buckley*


Smeal College of Business

Elias Warren*
Michael Haughney
John C. Langley


College of Communications



Division of Undergraduate Studies

William Olson


College of Education

Joshua Popowycz


Earth and Mineral Sciences

Daniel Tauriello
Andrea Karelitz



Erik McCann
Brian Avison


Health and Human Development

Byron Siegall*
Patrick Nard


College of Information Sciences and Technology

Andrew Lentz*


College of the Liberal Arts

John Zang*


School of Nursing



Schreyer Honors College



Eberly College of Science

Jett Peng
Christopher Ferri

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