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Former Penn State offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski was taken 48th in the NFL Draft on Friday by the Oakland Raiders. Wisniewski will now try to follow up an illustrious four years at Penn State with a career in the NFL. At Oakland, he will have a chance to start right away due to the lack of depth on the Raiders' offensive line.
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Editor and graduating senior Caity Rogowski writes about living the questions, facing fears, sharing burdens, and accepting reality.

“If you’ve ever seen the movie You’ve Got Mail, you’ll understand me when I say I have the “Kathleen Kelly Syndrome.” I often have trouble saying exactly what I mean. Instead, I find it easier to outsource by using quotes or songs to convey my message. That’s why you’ll find a few of my favorites scattered throughout this post: my senior column.”

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That's right everyone, tonight is Movin' On. It is the last "regular" Friday, the last weekend we will all spend here together this year, and possibly the last night we will get to roam the streets of this town like packs of beer-ravenous wolves and eat disturbingly large amounts of what may be petrified grease with our senior compadres. Where did it all go? I have no idea. And it sucks. Nonetheless, let's not make this a night of long faces and occasional tears, but one of merriment and celebration. Let's celebrate these friendships in the way we have always here in Happy Valley, and what better way to honor such a special night than with Movin' On? But who all is playing and at what time? Let's take a look.
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When you're craving a refreshing soda, Sierra Mist just won't cut it no matter how natural the ingredients. You need the classic soft drink company Coca-Cola and its brand of lemon-lime heaven, Sprite, to do the job right. Unfortunately, Penn State sold its soul to the copy-cat cola, PepsiCo back in the 90s, and we're still suffering the consequences. However, recent investigation confirms that Penn State isn't completely dry of Coke. Yeah, that's right. They've been holding out on us.
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Atlas, a Special Interest THON organization, is continuing their fight to end pediatric cancer by sponsoring a local Alex's Lemonade stand tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Grab a fresh beverage and celebrate the last day of classes, all while helping a good cause.
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Last night, The University Park Undergraduate Association held its final General Assembly of this academic year. The Assembly had an agenda filled to the brim in order to get everything in before they break for finals, and then summer.
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Former Penn State long snapper Larry Federoff has followed the trend of trick shot videos with one of his own. Check it out!
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At 12:10pm sharp, a large congregation of students spontaneously busted out into dance in front of the HUB on Wednesday. Dancers in the flash mob synchronized choreography to "I Want You Back" by Jackson 5 from a large iHome sound system as spectators enjoyed the stress-relieving entertainment.
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The innovative minds at Innoblue are hosting their first ever Penn State Innovation Expo this Friday from 12-3 p.m. in the HUB Alumni Hall. Those responsibly attending will find a showcase of progressive start-up ventures seeking to publicize their ideas while recruiting potential collaborators and investors. Here is the full schedule of events.
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animal house
It is that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer when it feels like it and we switch to shorter pants just as the insects begin to multiply. It is a magical time of year that some of us will see for the last time in State College. For those lucky few, not going to class this week is a sign of maturity. With a college degree ensured, the world awaits you. Unless you’re in the Liberal Arts, of course. Then, your mother’s couch awaits you. However, there exist among us the ones that dare to take it to the next level. The ones that can’t get enough binge drinking, construction, and parking citations. The ones that will never graduate. How do they do it? Very, very smugly. These are the keys to never leaving Penn State.
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Struggling through long hours with open books or daunting paper assignments can be a real snoozefest unless you have some fresh beats keeping you on track. Check out some songs our Twitter followers suggested, and other tips on creating good playlists to keep you motivated this last week of the semester.
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Even though the warm temperatures (and thunderstorms) of summer only just arrived in Happy Valley, Penn State students are already one step closer to football season. Last night via e-mail, Penn State Athletics released student football ticket information for the upcoming season, which is now posted on Student Central. Students can purchase season tickets the week of June 20-24, beginning with seniors on the 20th and finishing with grad students on the 24th. Season tickets will cost $218, or around $31 per game over seven games.
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Graduating senior Ariel Abramowitz reflects on the past four years, the important lessons she learned outside of the classroom and what she will miss the most about Dear Old State.
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After winning five of their last six games, the Nittany Lions have lost four in a row. Two of the losses came against number one ranked Michigan, while Penn State fell two more times to Longwood. To make matters worse, the women will have to dwell on their losses just a little bit longer, as today’s doubleheader against Ohio State has been postponed until May 11 due to weather.
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For seniors, graduation can become a stressful time. Visiting family, dinners, ceremonies, coupled with the good-byes to friends and Dear Old State can complicate what should a joyous celebration. Here at Onward State, we want to help simplify your life come graduation as we offer our top 10 tips for taking your photo with the ubiquitous Nittany Lion Shrine.
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East Halls

This week, both East and Pollock will hold their annual end of the year celebrations.

East Halls Residence Assocation’s “Quadzilla” (Thursday, April 28)

East’s celebration will take place from 4:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. This year’s Quadzilla will feature inflatables, free t-shirts and tie dye, and a DJ. As with any great event, there will be tons of free food including hot dogs, hamburgers, snow cones, cotton candy and lots more!

Pollock Halls Residence Association’s “Pollock Palooza” (Friday, April 29)

Being touted as “the biggest Pollock Palooza yet,” this year’s festivities will include inflatables, a mechanical bull, a bungee trampoline, a caricature artist and a DJ. The celebration will be held from 3:00 p.m. to 7 pm.

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We received a copy of the Core Council's review of the College of the Liberal Arts and have posted it below for review. The Core Council is Penn State's strategic review committee, headed by Provost Rod Erickson, that has been tasked with identifying about $10 million in annual savings. Check it out after the jump.
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Depending on how you look at it, Penn State is either one of the most stressful schools in the country, or provides students with more value for less stress. This debate stems from The Daily Beast's list of America's most stressful colleges, where Dear Old State was ranked the 47th most stressful school.
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flowers in courtyard in front of Thomas
This week is the time to vote for the sustainability video contest hosted by the Penn State Center for Sustainability. The contest was announced earlier this spring. For the contest, participants submitted a three minute video about how to improve sustainability in their own lives or at Penn State. Check out my favorites after the jump.
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When I sat back one night in January thinking about my time at Penn State, I tried to come up with a single word that would adequately describe my experiences here. As I attempted to determine what that magic word might be, my mind began to grasp the absurdity of that challenge. How could I possibly distill four years of my life, countless friendships, and untold numbers of memories, down to a single word? An impossible task to be sure. So instead, I took the easier road and went with three words: For the Glory.
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Last night's Roustabout!, SOMA and Lion 90.7 fm collaboration at Chronic Town was largely a combination of driving jams that got people dancing and lofty, almost psychedelic grooves.
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Every time a new rapper (read as: white) breaks onto the scene, there seems to only be two parallels. On one end he could have the imagery and lyrical talents like the most mainstream, white rapper: Eminem. Or on the opposite end of the spectrum, he could infamously have the lack of rhythm and flow similar to Asher Roth.
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Comcast will provide students with 2 free moving out boxes as a part of their new promotion for college students. Text "PSU" to 72579 and answer a few simple survey questions, and visit the Brand Ambassadors downtown in front of the Student Book Store.
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Relaxation Week
All this week, SPA is holding their end-of-the-semester Relaxation Week. Stop by the HUB for some mindless fun before finals crunch time!
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Four Hands Joined Together
Have you ever gone an entire day without judging someone? Chances are you haven’t, because judging people is ingrained in our minds. However, a challenge will be posed to all of us this Friday: Refrain from judgement until the day's end.
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men's volleyball
Starting on Thursday, the Penn State men’s volleyball team will be fighting to win its 23rd EIVA Championship. The Nittany Lions will host the tournament due to winning the regular season crown. On the line is a trip to the NCAA Tournament, which will also be hosted by Penn State. Up first for the Nittany Lions will be the four-seed Rutgers-Newark.
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The 24 and 13 Nittany Lions baseball team went 3-1 on the week including a series win over rival Ohio State over the weekend.
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Touting values and a yearn to grab the spirit that Penn State possesses, along with his on-ice accomplishments, Guy Gadowsky was introduced as the program's first men's hockey coach on Monday afternoon. His press conference was held at Beaver Stadium, the home to legendary coach Joe Paterno, whom Gadowsky referenced many times.
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A benefit concert to address over 25 years of war and strife in Uganda will be held by 6 student-musicians at Rotelli's on Tuesday at 8:00 pm. With the help of Invisible Children, the artists will bust out their talents for "the most neglected humanitarian emergency in the world today." Performers include Public Domain, Chewi, A Day Without Love, Maura Westerlund and Chris Good, Ryan and the Foxes, and Michelle Smyly.
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As college students, we can attest to the fact that the world seems to be getting increasingly competitive, decreasing our chances of success in future endeavors. A good attitude and hard work can take you a long way, but a little help mixed into the equation could make all the difference.

Pennsylvania Senate Bill #1, the Opportunity Scholarship Act, has the potential to be that helping hand for children inside the state, and the PSU College Republicans are holding a forum tonight to discuss what the future could hold with this bill.