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about 3 years ago

Blogger Discusses Former Blogger Who Trashed Blogs While Introducing His New Blog

Collegian Fail

If you didn’t see this piece in yesterday’s Daily Collegian, you missed the chance to read about why blogs suck from a former blogger as he introduces a new blog (credit to @BubbaProg for that one).

The article attempts to introduce the Collegian’s new all-sports blog, yet trashes the very concept of blogs themselves by painting them as the needy bottom feeders of the Penn State news landscape. Bloggers, “especially Penn State bloggers strewn across the United States, can’t do anything without newspaper reporters”, according to this article. They are nothing more than “middle men and women” who “need reporters to print quotes, ask questions at press conferences, and provide columns to make fun of when we’re zapped of creativity.” All of this from someone who once wrote among us, the pathetic bloggers, for Penn State sports monsterblog Black Shoe Diaries.

I guess this almighty newspaper was too busy “working on an update” to notice that we go to the press conferences too, and we eat the same free food in the press box that you do. The fact is, Onward State and StateCollege.com (not a blog, but not a newspaper either) have become go-to sources in the Penn State community for breaking news and interactivity. At the very least, our coverage is apparently good enough to make your paper nervous about even acknowledging it.

I admire the work done by the staff at The Daily Collegian, and have gotten to know quite a few staff members. I’ve been interviewed at least a dozen times in the past three years by Collegian reporters and have had very few issues. I am consistently impressed to see current and former Collegian reporters on staff at places like USA Today and MLB.com, and to see the amount of awards the paper has been honored with.

With all of that said, the arrogance displayed in this article is flat out disgusting, especially from a newspaper that just recently published this gem. If this newspaper is as legitimate as the writer claims, there would be no need to remind us of that with the pompous, condescending bullshit I wasted my time reading yesterday. You’re better than that, Collegian, and so are your readers.

As for me, I’ll be enjoying my role as an “anonymous fan trying to play reporter” here at Onward State while your newspaper steals blog ideas from GoPSUsports.com. Buckle up, indeed.

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