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0 First Night State College

In a small town known for major college sports and an enormous state university it can be easy to forget that there are charming community events that occur even when the 40,000 plus students are back home. If you are in the State College vicinity and looking for reasons to get out of the house on New Years Eve, First Night State College offers an opportunity to experience an impressive display of ice sculptures, live music, and food vendors as part of a plethora of enjoyable events.

1 Happy Holidays from Onward State!

As you settle in to your second and third helpings of Christmas dinner (or Chinese food) and your Christmas movie of choice, Onward State would like to wish you a happy holiday.

May your time spent with your family be reinvigorating, and may your joy far exceed that of the Onward State staff in this picture!

1 Football News Roundup: While You’ve Been Gone

I was anticipating a quiet week in the Penn State football world. That was certainly not the case. A first fight, recruiting updates, and coaching search speculation dominated the headlines, leaving several questions unanswered heading into the holiday (and bowl game) season.

6 Happy Birthday Joe Paterno

Our legendary former coach turns 85 today. So much has changed since JoePa celebrated his last birthday, but we can only hope that he is surrounded by family and friends on this special day.

6 Don’t Go Broke Over Break

It’s hard enough to save money while at school, but have you ever noticed how you seem to fly through money when you leave for break? It’s not an unusual phenomenon, especially when all of your buddies from home want to get together every single night. Don’t even get me started on the holidays; how could you possibly save money with all of those presents you have to buy? And your Aunt Cindy never seems to just give you cash on the big day…instead you’re stuck with a pair of pajamas with little penguins on them. With my help, you can see your friends, pretend to be happy with your less-than-mediocre presents, and manage to save a few bucks for your bar tab on syllabus week.

4 What To Do Over Winter Break, Philly Edition

Between sleeping, catching up with friends and family, working, and celebrating the holidays, chances are you’ll be looking for something fun to do over the next few weeks. For that reason, this week, Onward State will look into what’s going on in a city near you (most likely) while you’re home on break. Today, we look at The City of Brotherly Love.

2 Mike McQueary Testifies at Curley-Schultz Hearing

Mike McQueary was the first testimony in today’s preliminary hearing regarding the perjury charges of former Penn State Athletic Director, Tim Curley and senior vice president for finance and business, Gary Schultz. Mr. Schultz also oversaw Human Resources and the University Police Department until he retired in 2009.

0 Live Blog of Curley/Schultz Preliminary Hearings

The second major preliminary hearing of charges stemming from the Jerry Sandusky grand jury investigation is set to take place today in Harrisburg. “Former” athletic director Tim Curley and former vice president of finance and business Gary Schultz have both been charged with perjury for lying to the grand jury during their investigation of Sandusky.

4 Face It: Winter Break Won’t Be a Break from Scandal

Make no mistake. the questions will keep coming. The friends and family you didn’t see over Thanksgiving break will ask you about it, and those you did see will be curious to hear your thoughts about the latest news and the mood on campus. And we, as Penn State students, need to learn to accept that.

0 Meet New VP of Finance and Business David Gray

Penn State announced on Tuesday that David Gray was named senior vice president for Finance and Business, a position previously held by Gary Schultz who faces charges for perjury stemming from the Sandusky scandal.
Pending approval from the Board of Trustees in January, Gray will return home to his Alma Mater. He graduated from Penn State in 1977 with a political science degree and also earned a master of public administration degree here in 1979.

2 College Christmas/Hanukkah Gift Guide

As the proverbial “broke college students,” I can say with a fair level of confidence that the majority of you won’t be spending a fortune on Christmas presents this year. But, presents for family do not have to break the bank. If you haven’t yet purchased any gifts, check out some suggestions for last-minute shopping that can be light on your wallet.

0 Take My Textbooks and My Dignity

When you walk into the bookstore to sell back your new and used textbooks, you know at least one of your books will not make the cut. Just remember, you’re not the only student who gets hosed. Read on if you need to feel better about your experience with the bookstore this semester.

0 Two Different Worlds Collide…at Dairy Queen

Located on South Allegheny Street, less than forty steps away from the courthouse steps, the fast food chain known for soft serve ice cream and a place where coaches might take a youth sports team to after a game became the place to be before, during, and after, Jerry Sandusky’s preliminary hearing that never really was.

6 Distraction of the Day: Me

Hey there. I bet you’re neck-deep in finals and papers right now. How about a study break?

Today, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., I will be hanging out at Irving’s. Come hang out with me!

20 Stay Classy, Penn State

We Penn Staters will be scrutinized by outsiders for the foreseeable future. Does it suck? Yea, it really does. Like it or not, this scandal is a part of our lives now. I suggest you learn to live with it. That being said, when these comments do come flying your way, understand that the person doesn’t understand the pain and hurt that you feel. Don’t get argumentative or confrontational. We’re better than that.

2 Why Waiving the Hearing Was a Smart Move

Once I got word that Jerry Sandusky and Joe Amendola decided to waive the preliminary hearing, I was, as many others were, baffled. As in many of the days since November 4, when we learned of the Jerry Sandusky Scandal, I found myself asking the same question: Why?

1 Amendola Speaks Outside Courthouse

A little over an hour after his client, Jerry Sandusky, waived his right to a preliminary hearing, defense attorney Joe Amendola returned to field questions from media members outside the courthouse. Below is a compilation of quotes and responses he has provided to this point:

0 Sandusky Hearing Live Blog

Jerry Sandusky is facing 52 charges related to the molestation of ten boys dating back to 1994 and as recent as 2009. Today, his preliminary hearing is being held at the Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte, PA. Onward State will be in the courtroom and updating this live blog throughout the day.

0 Prelim Preview: Sandusky Hearing

For the past month, the all-encompassing Jerry Sandusky scandal has played out in the media. In less than ten hours, it will return to the courtroom for the preliminary hearing. The term “preliminary hearing” should not be mistaken for a trial; however, that does not mean it is in anyway unimportant. Today’s proceedings will have a great impact going forward and should set the tone for what is to come.

20 7 Tips for Studying at a Bar

Studying for finals? Tired of the usual studying spots? Try studying at a bar! I did it for the first time this weekend (the things I’ll do for the sake of Onward State), and I was quite productive.

Be warned, though, that there are some risks and dangers involved with studying at a bar. After the jump are seven tips for doing work at the drinking establishment of your choice.

5 Don’t Forget Your Underwear

There seem to be those few (important) items that are always forgotten when you travel home for break. If you are traveling far, it seems so much worse when you realize you have nothing to charge your phone with at night, or no clean underwear to put on the next morning. Hopefully with this list you can make sure that you remember everything this break, and don’t find yourself wishing you could teleport yourself back to your apartment or dorm.

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