Penn State to Play Houston in TicketCity Bowl


Penn State will be going to a bowl game, but not a bowl the team and fans had hoped for. The Nittany Lions will play on January 2nd against Houston in the TicketCity Bowl in Dallas.

Penn State was passed over by three bowls, who instead took Iowa, Purdue and Ohio State–all teams that Penn State beat this season and finished ahead of in the conference. Still, the Nittany Lions will face a stiff test against Houston. The Cougars were posed for a BCS bowl until Southern Mississippi beat them last Saturday in the Conference USA Championship. Houston finished the season at 12-1, scoring 50.8 points per game.

Despite falling to a bowl that many believe to be less prestigious, Houston is the best opponent Penn State could have hoped for. The Cougars are ranked ahead of Penn State and have the best offense in the country. Big Ten teams that finished behind Penn State in the standings got picked first, but the Nittany Lions will still play in January against a quality opponent.

Coach Tom Bradley will be leading Penn State for the first, and possibly only, time in a bowl game. He will have to use every defensive trick that he knows to contain Houston quarterback Case Keenum. Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin will look to have a good performance after struggling last year in the Outback Bowl against Florida.

More information about the game can be found at and  Tickets for students will be given out at a time and place yet to be announced.

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  1. It should be a great game and although it was not what the team or the fans were thinking, I’m sure that everyone will embrace this challenge with poise and positivity.  Go lions, beat the cougars!  We are!!!

  2. Some of the players reactions on Twitter last night were pretty ridiculous, implying that playing Houston was akin to playing a high school team, etc.  Houston is ranked higher, has a better record, and Heisman calliber QB.  After getting their asses handed to them by Wisky, you’d think they might not be so willing to provide that much bulletin board material.  Shut up and play.

  3. One would think, right? I am a little upset by this turn of events, but it should be noted that PSU did not beat an “opponent of caliber”. We lost to Alabama, Nebraska and Wisconsin, of which only the Nebraska game was close.

    I am just playing devils advocate here though. It’s a shame we were passed up to play in a more prestigous bowl, however this just shows how broken the BCS system is. When OSU/Michigan were #1/#2, they didn’t get a rematch yet LSU/Bama do.

  4. You would think that in light of everything going on at Penn State, the players would be happy to be going to any bowl game. 

    I have to say hearing this about the football players makes me pretty angry. 

  5. I thought that we could have made a big step forward in the public relations status of the Univeristy if we declined to go to a bowl game this year.  I knew we would not take that step, but wish the powers that be would have recognized the long term benefits of such a dramatic action.

    The bowls have always been about trying to make some money for the sponsors.  Why is anyone surprised that this year PSU would be a nightmare for any bowl advertiser.  We are a pariah right now-the public is still angry at the University’s perceived failures (and at this early stage, we have no idea if those perceptions might not have some merit).  Firing Joe Pa and getting rid of our President were not yet enough “punishment” to assuage the ravening hordes.  Attending the bowl (regardless of what good we may try to do) will be perceived by many (me included) that we still regard our football and its generation of money as sacrosanct.