Levels Nightclub is For Real, Say SCPD


False claims into the legitimacy of a new potential downtown nightclub have prompted two investigations into the source of those claims.

State College Police Sgt. Greg Brauser said an investigation determined Levels Nighclub is not a fraudulent business, despite claims on Facebook suggesting otherwise. He said Sunday that there is “no threat” of identity theft with the application process and that New Castle Entertainment — which the Facebook page seemed to portray as a nonexistent organization, despite significant evidence to the contrary — is in negotiations to sign a lease at the proposed 420 E. College Ave., location.

Brauser said police are currently investigating the source of the false rumors surrounding the nightclub.

Also investigating the source of the false rumors is Tim Crockett, who is working on the development of Levels for New Castle Entertainment. In response to what he deems to be libelous statements against Levels, he contacted attorney Joseph Moore to seek legal action against those perpetuating “false allegations.”

According to Crockett, Moore has spoken with Facebook in order to obtain information on who started the Levels Nightclub is Fraudulent page in order to seek a suit.

Late Sunday night, Levels repeated that statement in a comment on a post on Onward State’s Facebook wall. Numerous users had brought up the allegations that Levels Nightclub was a scam, which prompted the club’s page to comment:

We’ve spoken to the police twice tonight and filed a police report. Our attorney will file additional paperwork tomorrow to request the IP addresses and other contact information from Facebook for the parties who started the account and have since posted and spread the links. He will also push to make this a criminal matter since you guys incited panic by telling people to call the police.

Onward State published a Jan. 27th story detailing the arrival of the new nightlife spot to the downtown State College bar scene, which we had been told was scheduled to open up next month in the former location of The Mezzanine on 420 E. College Ave.  That story was taken down later that evening after we received numerous tips, first an email, then also receiving links to the aforementioned Facebook page, so that we could investigate the claims. It has since been republished.


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  1. If I make a facebook page called “Onward State is Fraudulent,” will you shut down your website until you “investigate the claims?” Is the creation of a facebook page all it takes to make news these days?  

  2. People bitched at them for publishing the article, and you’re crying because they took it down to investigate it.  What do you people want? 

    Besides, this is a story because people were under the impression it was fraudulent.  That’s kind of important. 

    Get a job.

  3. StateCollegeCitizen on

    So it’s okay to steal copyrighted images of other clubs like The Wright Venue in Dublin and post them up as though they are your own club but it’s not okay for people to question the validity of this ownership group?  Hypocritical much?

    What I do know is that if you go to their New Castle Entertainment webpage and click on their movies link and go to their “Official Site” for their “movie” starring Eric Roberts, you get an Account Suspended message?  Granted the person who started the whole fraudulent rumors may be equally wrong, but you have to admit there are some significant questions about the legitimacy of these new owners.  The News section on their home page shows they have recently signed writer Tim Crockett and secured financing from the Tran group… but yet Mr. Crockett and Ms. Tran are the owners of the company who have been affiliated with this venture… so did New Castle Entertainment really sign writer Crockett and secure funding from the Tran group, or is New Castle Entertainment and Crockett and Tran all the same thing?  This entire operation seems at best misleading.

    Check it out for yourself: http://www.newcastlestudios.com/films.html

    Legitimate business or not, I don’t know… but I know that it already seems like a legitimately shady operation already.  Perhaps time will tell.

  4. StateCollegeCitizen on

    Double alreadys in that next to last sentence I know.  My apologies in advance of the grammar police.

  5. Levels sent out an email about interview this week at the Marriot Courtyard on University Drive, however the hotel has no record of any company holding interviews at its hotel…hmmmm. However, they do have liquior license on file with PA LCB.

  6. “Oh, pooh-pooh, it sure is hard to decide whether or not we should publish or unpublish an article based on some rumors that we can’t/won’t confirm or deny!”

    Besides, I already have a job, it’s telling people like you that they’re wrong on the Internet.

  7. Thank you for your input but it wasn’t just a Facebook page that drove us to take down our original post. We also received an email from a local who is active in the State College bar community.

    Onward State took the advice presented and made the executive decision to deactivate the post to our readers until we had the ability to present indisputable evidence that Levels is in fact a real entity.

    During this entire ordeal I’ve been in contact with Tim Crockett of New Castle Entertainment. He has aided me in my investigation and search for concrete evidence. We are now confident, with Tim’s consent and the information from police, to confirm the original Levels article.

  8. This statement is absolutley false. The Courtyard on University Drive HAS CONFIRMED that Levels Nighclub is scheduled to hold interviews at that location this week. Disregard uneducated claims, they are the root of this scandal.

  9. Evan, thank you for the clarification and further explanation. Your comment was vastly more helpful when compared to Chad’s convulsions-in-text. 

  10. concerned student on

    Upon further research, Tim Crockett is actually a real guy, a fraud none the less but a real guy.

    Levels Nightclub is nothing more than a publicity stunt which has now been foiled early. Levels Nightclub still doesn’t exist and won’t be opening up in State College.

    Tim Crockett is still a fraud though, lying and misrepresenting everything about himself. He is the guy that has been handling phone calls for Levels.

    Tim Crockett is an owner of newcastlestudios.com Everything on that website is completely made up, fake and fraudulent. The movies are non existent, the t.v. shows are non existent, even the $100,000,000 funding is non existent.

    Tim Crockett filmed his first (and only) very low budget independent film in 2009 in Michigan. The film “Intent” (which still hasn’t been released as of yet but coincidentally will be soon) looks like one of the lowest budget films ever made. It certainly was not filmed on a $100,000,000 budget and it has been sitting on a shelf for 3 years.

    A legitimate experienced film director named Josh Becker wrote about his horrible experience with Jim Crockett during the making of Intent before he left that sinking ship.

    “I met with Tim, who was thirty-seven, six-three, unshaven, with a moronic-sounding southern twang, and looked like some sort of Gomer Pyle-like goober; and his partner, Vi, a broad-shouldered, Vietnamese-American gal of maybe thirty who was a pushy, obnoxious marathon runner.”

    Some more of Josh’s thoughts about Tim http://www.beckerfilms.com/makingofintent.htm

    From Josh Becker’s article, Tim Crockett racked up a ton of credit card debt while filming “Intent”. Tim Crockett kept pushing the shooting of the film back and refused for many weeks to even pay the cast and crew. Tim even burned everyone by skipping town and not paying them their last paychecks.

    The point behind this publicity stunt is so Tim can make money from “Intent” but Tim Crockett took this scam to new heights. Not only did he fraudulently create Levels Nightclub, Scooter and Pooter, newcastlestudios, he accepted hundreds maybe thousands of job applications and he even set up job interviews with people for non existent jobs.

    Not only is it wrong to give people false hope of employment, it’s probably illegal to accept job applications and set up job interviews for non existent jobs. It’s definitely Fraudulent in the very least.

    Since Tim is in debt and looking to make a quick buck from this deceitful and fraudulent publicity stunt, who’s to say he won’t gather up all of the employment job applications and skip town with your info?

    Levels Nightclub is a fraud. They are deleting posts and banning people on their facebook page. There’s no new nightclub coming to State College.

    I’ll finish with this funny article about Tim.

  11. Honestly, if it’s this big of a deal, forward the photos the the Walt Disney Corp. they’re notorious for suing even middle school students for using their likenesses. Hell, they even got Sono Bono to get national copyright law rewritten to keep their property in tact. At the very least, Levels will get a very threatening letter from Disney’s lawyers offering serious repercussions if they pull that stunt again.

  12. Honestly, if it’s this big of a deal, forward the photos the the Walt Disney Corp. they’re notorious for suing even middle school students for using their likenesses. Hell, they even got Sonny Bono to get national copyright law rewritten to keep their property in tact. At the very least, Levels will get a very threatening letter from Disney’s lawyers offering serious repercussions if they pull that stunt again.

  13. Also props to Evan Ponter for the first article he’s written on OS I’ve read without a single drug or bro reference.

  14. concerned student on

    Levels Nightclub is running limitless entertainment to gain money from concert ticket sales. It’s part of the deceit. Levels Nightclub has no intentions of opening up a nightclub, Tim Crockett and his limitless partners are trying to make a quick buck.

    Levels Nightclub is also behind the Scooter and Pooter fraudulent facebook page. Before the Scooter and Pooter facebook page facebook.com/scooterandpooter was made private, the wall posts consisted of random pictures of celebrities with captions of Scooter and Pooter pretending to know them.



    The Scooter and Pooter wall also consisted of them pretending like they were the ones throwing concerts and hosting events but it was just random facebook photos and random crowd pictures.

    The same is being done now with limitless entertainment with a different spin. Levels Nightclub and Tim Crockett planned this out to make a fraudulent Nightclub facebook page so they could add thousands of people. limitless entertainment is getting a cut of the ticket sales profits for promoting it to thousands of people through the Levels Nightclub page.

    Levels and limitless are both run by the same persons. Everything is deceit and fraud.


    Levels doesn’t care about duping people into believing a nightclub is opening or duping people into job interviews for non existent jobs. Levels still hasn’t responded to why they stole photos from Disney and claimed them as their own or why they stole photos from a club in Dublin, Ireland either.

    Levels hasn’t answered to why they have fake movies and fake t.v. shows listed on newcastlestudios.com or why they faked the Scooter and Pooter facebook page. There’s a lot of unanswered questions pertaining to their fraudulent activities and fraudulent claims. 

    Levels still has no lease and no liquor license and no work permit, but they claimed they have already been doing construction (backed up by fake Disney constructions photos).