President T.J. Bard Unveils Six Points for Change


Amidst the usual banter and uselessness that most UPUA meetings encompass, the Presidential remarks last night from T.J. Bard were a refreshing example of leadership. Bard introduced “6 Points for Change” for the Penn State administration. Signed by T.J. Bard of UPUA, Pete Khoury of CCSG, and Jon Lozano of GSA, the six points advocate for more student involvement in the way the University operates.

The six points are outlined below:

  1. Reform of the Board of Trustees. This is perhaps the most important of the six points and also the most difficult to accomplish, as it would require changing the Board of Trustees by-laws. Bard wants the BOT to institute one permanent voting student position on the board, in addition to the one traditional student trustee already appointed by the Governor (currently Peter Khoury). Bard also wants three non-voting student positions to have speaking privileges during BOT meetings and to participate in BOT standing committees. Representative Eli Glazier encouraged Bard to seek more than only one additional voting member and to instead shoot for five. Glazier said, “There isn’t a better time than now to try and take as much for students as possible.”
  2. All-University Cabinet – Bard wants to reorganize the All-University Cabinet which would include representation from “every constituency” at Penn State (i.e. students, faculty, adminstrators and alumni). This cabinet would meet frequently to discuss issues universal to all students.
  3. Student Search Committee – Bard wants students to be actively involved and sit on search committees to hire senior administrative officials, including the president. President Rodney Erickson will be retiring in 2014, and Bard wants students to have an active role in selecting the next president and any other senior positions that need to be filled.
  4. Town Hall Meetings – Bard wants senior administrators, the President, and most notably the Board of Trustees to hold open town halls for students and alumni to speak and ask questions. President Erickson has pledged to hold at least one town hall meeting per semester, but the Board of Trustees has yet to hold a town hall.
  5. Listservs – Bard wants student leaders to have access to the University-wide listerv to send e-mails to all students. Rodney Erickson is often ridiculed for sending excessive e-mails. Imagine having T.J. Bard show up in your inbox once a week.
  6. Investigation Results – The Penn State administration is currently being subjected to an independent investigation, led by Louis Freeh. Bard wants complete and expedient access for students to all results of the investigation when they become available.

Bard said that these six points have been carefully developed over the last several months, after meeting with many Penn State leaders and constituents. How many of these points Bard and the other student leaders will be able to accomplish remains to be seen.

Photo By: Melanie Versaw

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Kevin Horne was the editor of Onward State from 2012-2014 and currently holds the position of Managing Editor Emeritus, which is a fake title he made up. He graduated from Penn State with degrees journalism and political science in 2014 and is currently seeking his J.D. at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law. A third generation Penn Stater from Williamsport, Pa., Kevin is also the president of the graduate student government. Email: [email protected]


  1. Bill Levinson (B.S. '78) on

    The governor-appointed student trustee position (Khoury) should be eliminated because it has a built-in conflict of interest, i.e. the trustee is not independent but is answerable to the Governor. He is therefore like a management-appointed union leader who has no credibility whatsoever as a “student” Trustee, and Khoury proved that when he joined Riley, Eckels, and Dambly in supporting what the Trustees did on Nov. 9.

  2. I highly doubt that the governor sat down with the trustees he appointed and said “listen guys, this is how you’re gonna vote”. This is the type of misinformation and smearing that does absolutely nothing positive for Penn State. The student trustee position is vital in keeping lines of communication open between the students and the board. I don’t see trustees lining up to speak to students at meetings and events, but the student trustee (at least Mr. Khoury and Mr. Hughes before him) were always there and available to answer our questions. The appointment by the governor is just where the position comes from, there’s little to no connection to the governor other than that.

    I would ask you, Bill, what you have done to improve the university community in recent months. There’s a lot we can do to make this place better, but attacking the ONLY method of communication to the board and advocacy for the students is a disservice to the most vital constituency of the board.

    Look, dude. Quit attacking stuff just for sake of the attack. Coach Paterno is gone. Penn staters all over the world know what a great man he was. Let him rest in peace.

  3. Its not useful to senselessly attack a current student, who has done a tremendous amount of work opening all lines of communication between the students and the trustees. As a grown man, you should be ashamed of yourself. It seems like you’re possibly just jealous you’re not the one on the board. Act your age and stop being emotional.

  4. Bill Levinson (B.S. '78) on

    Mr. Khoury was personally a party to an interview in which he, Riley, Dambly, and Eckel defended and reinforced the Board’s irresponsible rush to judgment on Nov. 9. He said these things to the meda so he can be held accountable just like his older Board counterparts. Since I sign my name and class year to everything I post, I stand behind what I say and am not ashamed of it–unlike somebody who has to hide behind a name like “Accuracy.”

    “Opening all lines of communication” = “delivering the Board’s party line to the students to make them get in line like good little sheep.” Khoury is nothing more than a management-appointed union leader whose purpose is to “represent” the workers while getting them to swallow the management party line.

    I would advise Mr. Bard to post a petition in which the student body would repudiate Mr. Khoury as representing them in any way, and in fact call for the elimination of the Governor-appointed student Trustee position for this reason. Student-ELECTED Trustees would on the other hand not have the built-in conflict of interest that the current position has.

  5. Bill Levinson (B.S. '78) on

    Re: “I would ask you, Bill, what you have done to improve the university community in recent months.” I have probably put more than 100 hours of unpaid work into the agenda of fixing the problem that the Trustees created on Nov. 9 when they did the following:

    (1) Perpetrated a self-serving and irresponsible rush to judgment against Coach Paterno and President Spanier
    (2) Turned the Sandusky scandal into the Penn State scandal, to the extent that lawmakers in other states are introducing “Penn State” child abuse legislation
    (3) Destroyed the Presidental Medal of Freedom and Stagg-Paterno Trophy honors not only for Coach Paterno but for the entire University