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about 3 years ago

Joe Paterno’s Final Resting Place

JoePa Grave

The public displays of mourning have come to an end. The items around the statue have been removed, the ceremonies are over, and Joe Paterno has reached his final resting place. Along with the statue, it is a location where Penn Staters will go for generations to pay respect to a man who has done so much for us all.

To visit theĀ grave site:

  • Drive on South Atheron St. 1.7 miles, turn left on E Branch Road.
  • Go 0.7 miles and take a slight left on Country Club Road.
  • You should see the graveyard immediately on your right.
  • JoePa’s location is in directly next to the trees on the farthest side.

It’s a small, unassuming cemetery near Lemont, directly in the shadow of Mount Nittany. And now, it’s the final home of our beloved coach, Joe Paterno.

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6 Responses to “Joe Paterno’s Final Resting Place”

captain alumni says:

yeah, i’m sure this is exactly what the family wants. if people want, let them figure it out for themselves. unreal.

Trish Hummer says:

Totally disapprove of your choice to publish directions to the grave site. Would have hoped your gaff in prematurely declaring Joe dead would have made you forever more senstive to the needs of the family at this time.  Also, what about the families of others laid to rest there? Not impressed at all.

[email protected] says:

We visited the grave,this means much to me, everybody was very respectful! Joes nephew David was there, he needed someone to talk to, lives in Colorado, this was the first he came to Penn State, he totally missed the services, like me, so this was our way of try to say goodbye.

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