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about 3 years ago

Watch Dudes Strut Their Stuff at the Mr. Think Pink Show Tonight at the HUB

Mr. Think Pink

Everyone likes to watch people make fools of themselves. Yes, even you, you self-righteous boob. So why not laugh at someone else’s expense all in the name of charity?

Starting at 6:00 p.m. in the HUB Auditorium, Zeta Tau Alpha and The Pink Zone will be presenting the Mr. Think Pink competition, which will include a talent portion, a bathing suit competition and a question and answer session. PJ Mullen from B94.5′s Morning Zoo and Kim Sargent from ZTA will be hosting the event and there will also be raffles and prizes, so you could win some free crap while you’re at it!

If that doesn’t convince you, maybe knowing that our very own John Tecce is competing will. Remember, proceeds from the event will go to Breast Cancer research! See you there!

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