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about 2 years ago

Penn State Crowned #2 Party School of the Decade


Raise your glass and thank your liver! Penn State picked up another meaningless party accolade that you can brag about to your friends at other schools.

An info-graphic posted on complex.com yesterday has Penn State listed as the #2 party school of the past decade.

Surprisingly, the ranking does not attribute the infamous State Patty’s Day, but does cite the annual “Tour de State” celebration. What’s even more odd is that Rick Santorum is listed as Penn State’s famous alumni (something that I hope I don’t need to explain).

Further down, the graphic indicates that Penn Staters drink the most beer and also have the largest Greek community.

Since 2009, Penn State has been knocked off of its proud party pedestal. The Princeton Review ranked Penn State #3 in 2010 and #7 in 2011.

Here’s the top 10 of the past decade:

1. University of Florida
2. Penn State University
3. University of Mississippi
4. University of Wisconsin
5. Ohio University
6. University of Colorado
7. Arizona State University
8. University of Georgia
9. University of Texas
10. University of California

(H/T The School Philly)

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