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about 2 years ago

Report Shows Increase in On Campus Crime

University Park Police

In accordance with the Clery Act, Penn State released its on campus crime report for 2011, which showed an increase in criminal activity from previous years.

The 32-page report includes a statement from President Erickson, as well as emergency response information and other crime resources.

“It is up to each one of us to help foster a secure and supportive environment at Penn State—an environment where individuals can feel  safe to visit, learn, work, and live,” said Erickson. “Primary to this goal are the principles of responsibility and respect. These values are essential to any  community, and serve as the foundation for the success and productivity of our students, faculty, and staff.”

The report also includes detailed crime statistics for all on-campus crimes reported in 2011, which showed a substantial increase in criminal activity from previous years.

  • 24 reported forcible sex offenses, up from 4 in 2010 ( 11 offenses occurred in previous years but were not reported until 2011, which is reflected in the 24)
  • 112 burglaries, up from 58 last year
  • 339 drug arrests, up from 225 last year
  • 805 alcohol arrests, up from 742 last year
  • 637 “Part 1″ offenses, up from 565 last year
  • 2727 total offenses, up from 2457 last year, and a nearly 60% increase since 2009
  • A total of 455 fire drills were conducted in residence halls last year, for a total of 8 fires

The full report can be found here.

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