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about 2 years ago

Tim Curley Will Get Paid by Penn State Until June

Award with Curley

As first reported by the Patriot News yesterday, former Penn State athletic director Tim Curley’s contract will not be renewed when it expires in June. Curley is currently on paid leave from the University as he prepares for a January trial stemming from perjury and failure to report charges as a result of grand jury testimony he gave regarding the 2001 Sandusky incident reported by Mike McQueary.

University spokesman David LaTorre told Sara Ganim, “[Penn State] will not renew his contract when it expires in June. Due to this being a personnel matter, we cannot comment further.”

Curley’s pay has been ┬áheavily scrutinized as he was allowed to stay on the payroll after the Sandusky scandal blew up in November. President Erickson has said that Curley’s employee status is under review, but no action has been taken.

Curley’s salary is not public information, but similarly tenured athletic directors at rival institutions make in the mid-6 figure range.

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