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about 2 years ago

Best WiFi Network Names in State College


Since Al Gore invented the internet, the world wide web has had a huge impact on our lives. Whether procrastinating on social media or half-assing something when you’d rather be procrastinating on social media, online capabilities are as revolutionary as the transcontinental railroad, Tennessee whiskey, sending a man to the moon and… well… social media.

But with a growing demand for constant access to the internet, our airwaves have been diluted with wireless connections. Onward State decided to creep around State College and find the funniest, most obscene, and most creative WiFi router network names that were popping up on our smartphones and laptops.

  • Hide your kids, hide your WiFi
  • FBI surveillance van
  • Anus and Cream Cheese
  • Connilingus Rice
  • Bill Wi the science Fi
  • Dieter Von Cunth
  • Abraham Linksys
  • Ulinksys S. Grant
  • ErikIsForeverAPlacenta
  • Lady Boner
  • Free Starbucks WiFi (a locked network you pick up at Starbucks)
  • Porn Network
  • SkyNet (Supposedly this is funny for nerds)
  • Patron Nigga Weed
  • Queef Sniffer
  • I’ll Tongue Punch Your Fart Box
  • Will connect for beer
  • thisisavirus
  • taylor is a princess
  • i fucked taylor
  • Cunning linguist
  • HackThisIfYouCan
  • 50 Shades of WifFi
  • Hank Mardukas
  • The Bat Cave
  • Pretty fly for a WiFi
  • 2 Girls One WiFi
  • Pipe Cleaners Inc.
  • This Apartment Smells Like Weed
  • PARTY AT 711

That’s a number of off-beat WiFi network names we found in State College. If you have any other interesting routers in your building, share them with us in the comments or on Twitter. Also if you’re downtown, check out statecollegewifi, a service provided by getwireless (@getwireless) that is currently free to access.

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