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about 2 years ago

Penn State Dodges Hurricane Sandy


When Penn State released a statement Monday night announcing that classes would resume the following morning, claiming that their forecasters predicted minimal effects from Hurricane Sandy, the reaction from most students was fast and negative. Even the next morning, students were saying things like:

It’s safe to say Penn State had the last laugh.

As Hurricane Sandy ripped through areas of the Northeast — specifically New York and New Jersey — State College remained largely unscathed. Leading up to the storm, students and residents stocked up on essential supplies like flashlights, food, and malt liquor. It would all be for naught, and even though Penn State cancelled classes for the first time in five years on Monday afternoon, conditions would never reach the levels the most people expected.

According to the Centre Daily Times, no more than 1,900 people would lose power in Centre County, and at least 1,000 of those situations were fixed expediently. Not much damage was reported, either, and most of Tuesday saw a slight drizzle with occasional wind gusts that never became a problem.

Governor Tom Corbett said that the eye of the storm would reach State College by 2 p.m. on Tuesday. This is surprising, since no one has ever accused Governor Corbett of being wrong before.

Even though we all begrudgingly walked to class on Tuesday, Penn Staters should be thankful that they had the ability. Students live in many of the areas affected by the storm, and over 40 U.S. deaths have now been linked to Sandy.

The worst part about the storm for me? The Daily Collegian didn’t publish a newspaper.

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