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about 2 years ago

Distraction of the Day: “It’s Thanksgiving”

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“It’s Thanksgiving”

Thanksgiving is pretty much the best holiday of the year. You get off school, have time to hang out with your friends and family, and can nurture your very own food baby with no passing judgment from others. That’s why it is such a tragedy Thanksgiving is overshadowed by Christmas practically every single year. Its never even had its own celebratory holiday song — until now. But when I wished for a Thanksgiving theme song, this was not what I had in mind.

If you have not seen it yet (and God bless you) “It’s Thanksgiving” starring Nicole Westbrook was released just in time for the holiday season, on November 7th. If you have never heard of Nicole do not feel bad – no one has. In this blasphemous affront to Thanksgiving, Nicole (a girl possibly aged 8-12, it’s hard to tell) sings about turkey and stuffing a la Rebecca Black “Friday” style. While I appreciate the overall message of this ode to America’s favorite feast, I just cannot get behind the general aesthetics and lyrics of the song.

Watch the official music video and make up your own mind – but do so at your own risk. This song is guaranteed to become stuck in your head the remainder of the day, slowly eating away at your already stressed out holiday psyche. For those of you who do not wish to watch the video (which is completely understandable) I’ve compiled a list of informative notes for you, risking my own personal health in the process. Enjoy!

0:05- First use of slow-mo; used to make actions in video more dramatic? In any case, get used to it, it shows up a lot.

0:23-Nicole sits on her bed alone singing while looking off camera; possibly something she does on a regular basis. Again question her general age, which seems to constantly change throughout the video.

0:45-Run down of all the major U.S. holidays in case any one was not already aware of them; notice that Halloween is left off the list for some inexplicably sad reason.

1:01-Montage of cooking a supposedly idealistic Thanksgiving feast. Most items are unrecognizable. She also makes stuffing from a bag, A BAG.

1:39-Nicole decorates her house for Thanksgiving – basically an impossible task due to lack of Thanksgiving themed decorations available.

1:45-Revealed that strange adult black man was actually present at all of Nicole’s other holiday festivities…unbeknownst to her. Become more than a little creeped out.

2:03-All of Nicole’s friends arrive for the festivities, including the strange black man wearing a glittery turkey on his head.

2:30-Nicole starts rapping while the rest of her guests are trying to pray before eating…RUDE!

2:35-Her friends faces now reflect the confusion I felt during the entire video.

2:43-Shout out to mashed potatoes.

2:39-A drumstick is now being used as an impromptu microphone; Nicole is still singing to her table of bewildered guests.

3:30-The drumstick is used as a microphone until the end of the video; Thanksgiving fun is had by all.

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