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about 2 years ago

Bill O’Brien: “They’re a Bunch of F***ers”…or was it “Fighters”?

Twitter was abuzz following Penn State’s victory tonight with comments about Bill O’Brien’s postgame interview in which he appeared to say “They’re a bunch of fuckers,” on live TV with ESPN in reference to this incredible Penn State team. Of course, O’Brien meant it as a compliment, and he was noticeably emotional after the biggest win of this remarkable season. But it’s also possible that O’Brien said “They’re a bunch of fighters,” as much as it sounded like the former.

One of O’Brien’s tight ends certainly thought he let it slip:

So what do you think? O’Brien would never intentionally say “fuckers” on live TV, but it was certainly an emotional moment and it could have slipped out. Either way, you have to respect his raw emotion.

In any case, The School Philly will be selling t-shirts.

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