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about 2 years ago

Bill O’Brien Reaffirms Commitment to Penn State

Media Day 2012 Bill O'Brien's first day

Despite skepticism throughout this season that Bill O’Brien would leave Penn State for another college or the NFL at the end of his successful season, O’Brien said in a radio interview in Atlanta that he would continue to coach at Penn State next season. Earlier this season, O’Brien would not say whether or not he planned on returning to coach at Penn State, which many believed meant he was seeking other options.

“I plan on being the head football coach at Penn State,” O’Brien said on the show. “That’s my plan, and that’s what I intend to do.”

O’Brien’s agent, Joe Linta, also said that O’Brien would stay at Penn State and has not been in contact with any other teams. The contract buyout for O’Brien would be $9.2 million. O’Brien’s contract is currently lasts through the 2020 season, due to a four year extension because of the sanctions.

O’Brien was also named Big Ten coach of the year, and many believe he is also in contention for national coach of the year.

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