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about 2 years ago

Graham Spanier Seeking Dismissal of Charges

Penn State sex scandal

In what is likely just a procedural move, attorneys for former Penn State President Graham Spanier asked a judge to throw out all charges against him yesterday.

Spanier is charged with 8 criminal counts, including perjury, obstruction of justice, and endangering the welfare of children.

In the motion, Spanier’s lawyers argue for dismissal based on the testimony of Cynthia Baldwin, the former university counsel who sat in on the Grand Jury interviews with Spanier, Gary Schultz, and Tim Curley. Baldwin’s role in the case is a bit ambiguous, and she has claimed that her only role in these meetings was representing the interests of Penn State and not the individuals themselves. Spanier — as well as Curley and Schultz — say that they were under the impression that Baldwin was representing them and not just the university.

Attorneys for Spanier argue that if Baldwin was representing their client, her testimony to the Grand Jury violates attorney-client privilege. A separate motion was also filed asking for a delay in Spanier’s preliminary hearing, which is currently set for December 13.

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