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about 2 years ago

Random Fan Sneaks into Media Room, O’Brien: “Holy Schnikes”


In what could be the most awkward moment in the Penn State media room history, a random fan somehow snuck in to the Bill O’Brien press conference after Penn State’s victory on Saturday.

He had this to say to Coach O’Brien:

“Hey coach, this Penn State family has been with you every step of the way. And this Penn State family has loved the way that you have come to the forefront, and the way that you have been here every step of the way with us. We just want you to know that we love the way that you have been here with us, and we would like you to have a statement here, in front of all the media, to say, “We are …”

O’Brien, visibly bemused after expecting the typical plate of postgame questions from the media, let out a “…Penn State!” after a pause followed by “Holy Schnikes…”

As you can see here, O’Brien was on a roll with his postgame comments on Saturday.

image Dave Cole
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