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about 2 years ago

A Eulogy for *ndulge Cupcakes


It is with heavy hearts that Onward State mourns the closing of *ndulge. At the end of today’s business day, *ndulge will close its doors and begin preparations for a move to its new home in Bryn Mawr, outside Philadelphia. While we know all good things must come to an end, our taste buds still shed a tear at this news.

*ndulge has been providing the State College community with decadent sweets since May 2010. Known best for their cupcakes, *ndulge’s menu also included a rather expansive selection of sweets, including brownies, whoopie pies, cinnamon buns, and gelato.

While their entire menu was perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, nothing compared to the cupcakes. They supplied a daily rotation of flavors ranging from your run-of-the-mill chocolate and vanilla to more creative cakes such as Root Beer Float and my personal favorite, the Cookie Dough-Re-Mi.

Non-believers may be thinking, “It was just a cupcake. What’s so special?” No. It was not just a cupcake.

You see, on the outside, *ndulge’s cupcakes looked like any other cupcake, but it was what was inside that set them apart and truly made them so indulgent.

Each one of *ndulge’s cupcakes came stuffed with a complimenting center, like extra icing (because really, anyone who says there’s such a thing as too much icing is seriously mistaken), pie fillings, and more. These cupcakes were so pleasantly decadent, and they will be sorely missed along College Avenue even if calorie-counters say otherwise.

We will also remember *ndulge for their vocal support of Joe Paterno and outrage at the Board of Trustees amidst the news of last fall. Perhaps Franco Harris will get them to deliver Paterno Pride cupcakes to the next Rally for Resignations.

So, *ndulge, it is here we must part ways. Those of us in State College hope Bryn Mawr treats you well, and we thank you for the sugar highs your cupcakes have provided us. Before you go, expect to see us in for one last cupcake (or five).

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