HUB Computer Store to Close After Spring Semester


It’s freshman year. To your dismay, the ethernet cord you brought from home is too short to reach the inconveniently placed jack. The RA tells you to go to the HUB to purchase a new, longer cord at the computer store.

Starting this summer, that convenient fix just got a little bit harder.

The HUB Computer Store has announced that it will close its doors for good after the Spring 2013 semester due to a decrease in sales. “It is clear that the physical Store is no longer financially sustainable,” said manager┬áRobin Becker.

However, Penn State will continue to provide online technology services including software licensing, software sales, and a limited selection of hardware and accessories.

There’s no word yet on what will replace that space in the HUB, but you can expect this kind of coverage from us when a new business moves in.

Photo By: Eric Weiss




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