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about 2 years ago

75 Bags of Heroin Seized at Imperial 400 Motel

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For anyone who has ever patronized the Imperial 400 Motel in State College, what I’m about to tell you probably won’t come as much of a surprise. The oft-chided $39.95/night motel, located in the shadows of The Graduate apartment building, is the kind of place ambitious townies take their prom date if they can’t afford The Atherton Hotel across the street.

And so it was yesterday afternoon, theĀ Centre County Drug Task Force obtained a search warrant and came knocking at Room 202 of the Imperial 400 Motel along with agents from the Attorney General’s Office. In the room, they foundĀ 75 bags of heroin with a street value of $1875.00, approximately 12 grams of synthetic marijuana with a street value of $200.00, cell phones, and $915.00 in cash.

Also in the room were Nathan Banks, of Williamsport, and Daniel Dade, of Duryea, who both were arrested on multiple counts and arraigned with $50,000 bail. Both have previous arrests for drug distribution.

Both individuals appear to have been in the area solely for the distribution of controlled substances, according to the State College police release. The release also notes a “disturbing trend” in Centre County in the increased use of heroin.

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