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about 2 years ago

State Political Parties Weigh in on NCAA Lawsuit

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Last week, Governor Tom Corbett initiated a lawsuit against the NCAA for the intercollegiate body’s “illegal” sanctions against Penn State University. On Sunday, the state Republican Party chairman Rob Gleason emailed party members, asking them to stand behind the governor as he faces down Mark Emmert and the NCAA.

“Last Thursday, Governor Corbett filed a lawsuit against the NCAA to ensure that the citizens of Pennsylvania are not punished by the horrific and criminal actions of a few… Devastating Pennsylvania’s economy is not the answer, and Governor Corbett is fighting against NCAA sanctions that punish past, present and future students of Penn State University, the citizens of our commonwealth and our economy.”

“He needs our support as he fights an overreaching NCAA that threatens to bankrupt the fragile economy that we are working so hard to rebuild.”

Pennsylvanians can show their support for the governor by signing a petition on the party website. So should the Keystone State support Corbett? The Pennsylvania Democratic Party tweets otherwise.

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