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about 2 years ago

Bon Jovi Tickets on Sale Today at 10:00

Bon Jovi Performs In Melbourne

You’ve already heard that a Jersey wave¬†is hitting State College on February 23. But make sure, if you’re a big Bon Jovi fan (and likely from New Jersey), to look out for purchasing your tickets to their show on the “Because We Can” tour (who else can pull off that title?) this morning at 10 a.m!

On February 9, 2011, Bon Jovi kicked off their season tour at the Bryce Jordan Center with an electric show where singer Jon sported a Penn State football jersey. This year, you can be there again (or for the first time!) Prices range from $19.50 to a luxurious $145.10. You make the call.

If this show is anything like what I experienced in 2011, make sure to get tickets, even if you’re only a mild fan of the band. I didn’t grow up in New Jersey, and I was very pleasantly surprised at their set list.

Outside of the Garden State, we pretty much hear the same three or four songs on the radio, but at the BJC, you should be in for a hell of an evening, even if it’s to cap off State Patty’s Day. Needless to say, don’t mess around with these tickets. You’ll remember the show for years to come.

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