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about 2 years ago

PA Senate Passes Bill to Keep NCAA Fine in State

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One step in the effort to keep the 60 million dollar fine money owed to the NCAA by Penn State over the next five years in Pennsylvania is complete.

In a unanimous 50-0 vote, the Pennsylvania State Senate has approved Senate Bill 187 to use the fines in Pennsylvania.

The bill, originally proposed by Senate Appropriation Committee Chairman Jake Corman, will now make its way to the state House of Representatives, and a decision is expected to be made rather quickly.

Corman, a Republican who represents the 34th district that includes State College and Centre County has been one of the more vocal critics on this matter and filed a lawsuit three weeks ago challenging an NCAA task force that suggested only 25 percent of the fine would be used for Pennsylvania programs.

“I believe the fine money, which is coming from Pennsylvania residents, should stay in Pennsylvania and benefit our organizations and children,” Corman stated a few weeks ago as part of his legislation.

In addition to Corman, PA representative and 1982 Penn State graduate Charlie Dent and governor Tom Corbett have also been harsh critics of Mark Emmert and strong advocates for the NCAA endowment to completely remain in the state of Pennsylvania.

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