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about 2 years ago

Final Exam Schedules Released, Send Us Your Miserable Luck to Win Stuff

Finals Schedule

Quick, go look on eLion! The final exam schedule is now released for this semester, which means that your last week of the school year — or if you’re one of the unlucky ones, your last week of college — has either suffered a fatal blow or maybe has just opened up to several days of outdoor drinking at Cafe 210 West. Personally, I did okay: two finals, but one on Tuesday precludes any chance of me going to a Black Keys show in Pittsburgh. Fuck me, right?

But the bright side to a truly terrible week of studying is that you might win something out of it! If you got dealt an especially bad finals week schedule, send a screenshot of it to [email protected] and you may win a $25 gift certificate to a downtown dining establishment and an Onward State t-shirt; we’ll be giving one to the unluckiest student out there. So if you have lots of finals at 8 a.m. or your Friday is stacked up, maybe you’ll get a decent meal or something after your post-Adderall-caffeine crash. Sometimes you just get hosed.

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