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about 2 years ago

THON 2013: Thoughts On This Year’s Line Dance


Just a little while ago here at the Bryce Jordan Center, we learned this year’s Line Dance for the first time. Personally, I’m a fan — it’s catchy and I MIGHT be able to learn it in after a few or 16 more tries.

We were curious, though, about what other THON attendees think about this year’s Line Dance. Below are some reactions from six people we talked to:

“[This year's Line Dance] seems a lot easier than last year and I really like the chorus.”

Jill, Sophomore: Ohana

“I think it’s really cool, how they capture a whole year in one 3-minute dance. It’s just really exciting and it gets everybody moving. It’s great for the dancers so they can stretch and stuff. I think it’s really cool.”

Ben, Sophomore: ΛΧΑ

“I like it because it’s easier to learn than last year’s — it’s shorter and the moves are easier. [...] It’s a little hard getting used to [a new Line Dance] but overall I think it’ll be good. I’m just glad it’s easy to learn because I could never learn last year’s.”

Elisabeth, Sophomore: Morale

[This year's Line Dance] took a lot of different things from a lot of older line dances. But I mean… it’s still pretty nice, though. I wish it was Gangnam Style, though [laughs].

Kiwan, '12

“I like the chorus because it’s peppy.””It brings a lot of current events into the dance, it really stretches you out. And it’s not too fast, which is really nice.”

Amber and Logan, Freshmen: Harrisburg

“I’ve always loved the line dance — it’s really cool. It’s hard to learn, I know about 5% of it after learning it for the first time. But it’s cool because all the people who learned it before around me were like, ‘Yeah, we don’t even know it yet.’

So, we’ll see — it’s gonna take me about 40 of the 46 hours to fully know it BUT, you know once I get it it’s good and it sticks with you for life.”

Ashley, Junior: Springfield FTK

Got any thoughts about this year’s Line Dance? Let us know in the comment section below.

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