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about a year ago

Welcome to the Fedora Mecca of State College

Happy Valley has plenty to brag about, which we all like to remind our Facebook friends about repeatedly. But right under our noses on Pugh Street sits the Mad Hat’r, which you have undoubtedly stumbled past when leaving the Skeller, or failed to notice on your walk towards campus. Either way, you should start paying attention.

mad hatter

The Mad Hat’r opened about 11 years ago, when owner John and his wife started making their own hats. Most of their customers are in search for the perfect addition to their Halloween costume. The occasional freshman trying to reinvent himself will stumble in searching for a questionable fedora. Although we don’t fit into either of those categories, Mara Kern and I tried on a few hats ourselves yesterday. Here are the best ones we found:

mad hatter Mara as a chicken Pinwheel Hat selfies (required upon entrance) Mean mug included with purchase According to John, these hats are called "coolies" Mara considers wearing this Lil Bo Peep hat on a daily basis This one screams daylong/tailgate/everyday wear This is my favorite bucket hat, I'm a sucker for florals I guess! (Turtle Smile optional) This is perfect for any event, really. Really brings out the eyes. This was my personal favorite, as you can tell. John suggested that I would enjoy this hat...not sure if I'm ready to warm up to it. This is the clown hat, which includes red string for hair, but I obviously have more than enough hair already. Mara is practicing being in mourning in this veiled number.

There are other hats in the store that aren’t as absurd, although in my personal opinion, fedoras belong in the absurd category. Should you find yourself needing a bowler hat, fedora, or a top hat even, definitely stop by the Mad Hat’r. Just another one of the many gems of State College.

image Mara Kern
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