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about 12 months ago

Fundraising to Help Penn State Military Students

Penn State Military Student

If you think your past week of classes was hard, just imagine working your way toward your degree while fighting for your country overseas. The military students enrolled in Penn State World Campus do just that, and Penn State is now pushing a fundraising effort to offer increased scholarships for this unique students.

Penn State World Campus enables virtually anyone, anywhere, to take Penn State classes in an online environment. This includes the men and women that serve in the U.S. Military. Many of these talented men and women balance a full-time course load with their active military duties.

David Nobles, a Penn State World Campus military student, thinks that World Campus is unique in its ability to accommodate the needs of these standout students.

“There are particular needs that military students have, I mean, they’re not always connected. They don’t always have the ability to get online and do their work whenever they can. I think that World Campus is in a position to help those service members to get the degree, even though they might have such restrictions” Nobles said.

Katie Bailey, another Penn State World Campus Military Student, is quite familiar with the aforementioned connectivity problems.

“When I got to Afghanistan, I found out we’d be living in a tent. There were a lot of times where we actually had to shut down all kinds of unclassified communication for an undetermined amount of time. So, that actually happened in the middle of my finals week…Penn State was really responsive to any kinds of trouble I ran into, and helped me figure out a timeline to get things done.” Bailey reports.

Hearing experiences like Bailey’s certainly puts the average college student’s late night study session gripes into perspective.

Penn State World Campus is currently holding a promotion to help raise money for its World Campus Military Fund, a scholarship that helps fund prospective students. If you’d like to donate to our fighting Nittany Lions overseas, text MILITARY to 50555 to give a contribution of $10. There are currently 1,643 Military/Veteran students enrolled in Penn State’s World Campus.

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