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about 4 months ago

State Patty’s Day Bar Closure Discussions To Continue

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Another meeting between the Student Alcohol Advisory Committee (SAAC) and bar owners regarding State Patty’s Day and bar closures will take place tomorrow, according to UPUA Vice President Brenden Dooley. The first meeting between the groups took place two weeks ago, and there are plans for more discussions going forward.

“I can’t really give many details but I’m looking forward to a productive meeting,” Dooley said in his UPUA report, adding that the “four biggest” tavern owners from the Tavern Association will be in attendance.

UPUA’s stance on State Patty’s was made quite clear this year in Resolution 10-08, which states “The undergraduate student body at University Park…with respect to State Patty’s Day, believes that legal adults should be able to participate in legal activities regardless of the day.”

Previously Dooley had mentioned that the initial talks between SAAC and bar owners two weeks ago were positive, but he couldn’t share any more than that.

“The two hour meeting was a very productive meeting, but I can’t give any more details until more results come,” Dooley said after the first meeting two weeks ago. “We will be meeting a few more times going forward. However, it was a very productive initial meeting, and I was pleased with the results.”

Each bar received $5,000 last year from the university’s excess parking revenue to close for State Patty’s Day, and it’s speculated that they’ll receive a similar offer this year.

“The University is certainly supportive of trying to do all we can once more to bring an end to this troubling event, including some version of last year’s initiative,” said Vice President for Student Affairs Damon Sims before the first meeting.

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