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about 4 months ago

The Worst Final Exam Schedules of the Semester

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Earlier this week, we asked you to share with us your terrible final exam schedule, inspired by last year’s post on the same topic. Below are some of the submissions that made us cringe the most. To those whom we’ve featured, we salute you.

There’s nothing like punctuating your finals week with two 8 a.m. exams.



…though it might actually be worse to have to stick around for just one 8 a.m. exam on Friday.



No one should have to take four exams in one day. No one.



Worse still is this final exam schedule, which includes three consecutive evening exams and three exams on the same day.


Six exams? And a 7 a.m.? Girl.


This one isn’t much better.


…and this one takes the cake. It includes eight (count ‘em — eight) exams, three of which are on Monday, one of which is at 8 a.m.


But as we are reminded by this alum, we’re lucky to have to take exams at all, because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be at this wonderful school. Thanks for the real-keeping, Ed.


Now go study.

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