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about 4 months ago

Penn State Ranked America’s 53rd Best Value College


In the wake of a near three percent tuition increase for the 2013-14 academic year, Kiplinger named Penn State America’s 53rd best value college for in-state students and 19th best for out-of-state students.

Within Pennsylvania, Penn State is the second best value college, behind the University of Pittsburgh, despite the fact that Pitt overtook Penn State this year as the most expensive public school in the country. Regardless, Penn State ($22,254) still has a higher listed in-state tuition after financial aid than does Pitt ($21,178).

Eight Big Ten schools earned a better overall value ranking than Penn State, with only the University of Nebraska and the University of Iowa falling behind Penn State within the top 100.

Perhaps most startling is Kiplinger’s claim that the debt for an average Penn Stater at graduation is $35,100. Of the hundred schools on the list, this is the highest. Further, Penn State has the second highest in-state tuition after need-based aid of the hundred listed schools, behind only the Colorado School of Mines.

It’s no surprise that paying to go to Penn State is expensive. And while tuition is on the rise, attending our great school may unfortunately become even more of a privilege than in years past.

Penn State - Pennsylvania State University is a land grant institution founded in 1855. Penn State is one of the country's most renowned public research universities and boasts an enrollment of about 100,000 students across its 24 campuses. Read more