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about 4 months ago

Penn State Lives in the Nittany Lion’s Holiday Greeting

The end of the fall semester always brings a little nugget of joy to the Internet in the form of Penn State’s annual holiday greeting video. This year was no different, with the festive but indecisive Nittany Lion surfing on his Macbook as he tried make the best holiday e-card.

The Lion meticulously scrolls through his 2013 photo album, but to no avail. “With all the great stuff that happens at Penn State, how can I pick just one photo!” the Lion thinks, with elevator music playing in the background. The random — if not dastardly — “scuttle” sounds, presumably coming from the Lion’s computer, only add to the ambiance and holiday cheer.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, a great idea pops into the Lion’s head. “Why don’t we just make a col-fucking-lage!” the Lion thinks ( although we’ll never know for sure — he is charmingly mute after all). Not to be outdone, the collage folds into a life size “Penn State Live Here” banner, which might be the most expensive Christmas present of all time.


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