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about 4 months ago

THON Announces New Digital Line Procedure


After a litany of problems last year surrounding the unmanageable line to get into the Bryce Jordan Center for THON, the organization is making changes.

THON unveiled its plans today for a digital line management system to minimize the wait time outside the BJC in the frigid February weather. Last year, EMS had to treat several students for symptoms of hypothermia while lines stood at a standstill for hours as the building reached its capacity.

This new digital system will allow spectators to essentially “take a number.” If the BJC is at capacity, people hoping to get into THON will be given a coded bracelet and a place in a digital queue. This means that people will be able to wait in a safe, warm location instead of sacrificing their well-being to get into the building.

“Our goal of the digital line management system is to ensure both safety and fairness for the growing number of spectators who want to enjoy THON Weekend,” THON PR Director Dana Giacobello said.

Other improvements are coming as well. The Pegula Ice Arena will be used as an auxiliary viewing area for some of the weekend, so even if the line (or “digital queue”) is too long, THON-goers can still see what’s going on and enjoy it in a communal environment.

Another notable issue at THON 2012 was the inability for some dancers to see their families. Some parents had traveled many hours for the opportunity to enjoy a few moments with their son or daughter, but because of the long lines or the religiously abysmal PASS System, they were locked out of the floor. For THON 2014, each dancer will be allowed to have two individuals visit them in a designated area, even if they were not previously in the building.

Unfortunately, THON also announced that it will be forced to follow Penn State’s bag ban policy. This means no bags, purses, or backpacks will be permitted in the BJC during the weekend.

Only 63 days until THON 2014!

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