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about 4 months ago

Distraction of the Day: Penn State Lived Here

At long last, the tangibility of our $800,000 nightmare is over.

As previously promised, the large Penn State Lives Here banners defacing the Pattee Library, Sackett Building, and Rec Hall were removed at some point within the last several days.



If you haven’t been following along with us for this train wreck, the new university marketing campaign kicked off Homecoming weekend with hundreds of yard signs being stolen and everyone just asking asking ‘Why?’. Penn State would later announce that the “Penn State Lives Here” campaign — its new “North Star” yet still entirely ambiguous marketing approach — was conceptualized by the outsourced PulsePoint group, a major marketing company with four U.S. locations. Amid much confusion about the necessity and blatant plagiarism of the campaign, PulsePoint officials and representatives from the Alumni Association were dispatched across the Northeast in a failed attempt to explain the concept. It would later come out that Penn State had spent more than $800,000 on the campaign — a number which is still climbing.

We don’t know the manner in which the banners were removed, but we hope it went something like this:

How are students and alumni taking the news today? We’ll let the Internet take it from here (almost 900 people liked our Facebook photo announcing the news):








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