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about 4 months ago

Bill O’Brien Merchandise to be Donated to Charity


Well, that was quick.

I stopped by the Family Clothesline on College Ave. earlier this afternoon, and all of the “O’Brien’s Lions” and “BILLieve” merchandise was facing the slow, painful death of the clearance rack. Just down the street, McLanahan’s didn’t even have their O’Brien merchandise out for sale anymore.

“We have…quite a bit left in stock,” said Family Clothesline advertising manager Caroline Gummo, with a bit of a self-deprecating grin. “Yep…there’s t-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeves, magnets, decals — we have a little bit of everything.”

Obviously, Penn State’s 15th coach doesn’t have quite as much shelf-life as the 14th these days. Joe Knows Football t-shirts and 409 merchandise are still selling like hotcakes. Gummo said that they’ll probably keep discounting the O’Brien merchandise to sell what they can before donating it to charity. The store sent quite a bit of merchandise to Hurricane Katrina victims back in 2005.

“It’s all on sale, and we’ll go from there,” Gummo said. “We’ll probably just end up donating it somewhere…Maybe we’ll send it to Texas.”

Here’s hoping the name of Penn State’s next head coach rhymes with something cool so we can all fork over $9.99 for cheesy looking t-shirts again and be happy.

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