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about 10 months ago

Record Low Temperatures Set Overnight in State College


We hate to be “those guys” that want to talk about the weather — we trust you already know it’s too cold for human life outside — but weather records are cool, and several were set last night in State College and University Park.

According to the Campus Weather Service, it got down to -9 last night on campus, shattering the previous record of -1. Their thermograph was off the charts.

State College also broke a record for the first time since 2002, with the midnight temperature reaching -3.

The temperature is still hovering around zero degrees in State College, but we’ll be back up into the mid-40′s for students to return this weekend.

Downtown - Located in Centre County, Pennsylvania, State College is a college town heavily influenced by the campus life of Penn State University and have gained the nickname "Happy Valley" for its resilience during the Great Depression. They say there's something magical about the Nittany Valley, where time just seems to stand still. Read more