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about 9 months ago

‘We Are’ Statue Design Released

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Remember that time students voted for a “We Are” sculpture instead of a Rec Hall beautification project or a donation to the Penn State Hershey Center for the Protection of Children? The class of 2013′s legacy will soon be cemented, as the “We Are” sculpture design was released at the Board of Trustees Committee on Finance, Business and Capital Planning meeting today.

“The senior class of 2013 chose to celebrate Penn State’s alumni spirit,” said Ford Stryker, associate vice president for Physical Plant in a release. “The Alma Mater inscription and the sculpture will serve as a visual representation of what it truly means to be a Penn Stater.”

The Senior Class Gift Committee held a competition to select the designer, which was won by Brooklyn sculptor and Penn State alumnus Jonathan Cramer. His 12-foot sculpture will be located East of the I.M. Building, with a sign nearby including the words of the Alma Mater in the script of Fred Lewis Pattee’s original handwriting.

“Class gifts go well beyond providing a tangible symbol of the loyalty and pride of a class; the class gift connects your class to every Penn State class before you,” said Penn State President Rodney Erickson. “A ‘We Are’ sculpture enhanced with the words of the Penn State Alma Mater combines two of Penn State’s most cherished expressions of who we are … It will certainly become a ‘must see’ landmark on campus.”

The sculpture will be completed concurrently with the I.M. Building renovations.

How does it look? Were you a senior last year who voted for this thing? Let us know in the comments.

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