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about 9 months ago

Corbett Proposes Flat Funding for Penn State in 2014-2015 Budget


Governor Tom Corbett unveiled Penn State’s allocation in his first 2014-2015 state budget proposal Tuesday, marking the beginning of what can be a lengthy legislative battle for the state’s budget.

In his proposed budget, Penn State will again receive $229.7 million, keeping funding level for the third straight year. This comes even after the university requested an additional $14.7 million (5 percent) appropriation from the state. Corbett’s plan calls for a total of $1.6 billion for higher education in the state, which includes other state-related and state-owned universities.

Corbett’s original budget proposal last year also called for level funding, but this year’s final state budget may change in the legislative process. Legislators received the details of Corbett’s plan Tuesday in his annual budget address.

State appropriations are typically used to subsidize in-state tuition, which accounts for around two-thirds of students across the university system. Even with additional funding, Penn State’s own budget proposal calls for a 3.49 percent increase for in-state tuition and a 2.99 increase for out of state tuition. With the news that funding will remain steady, those numbers will most likely increase more in order to shorten the university’s revenue gap.  This comes after Governor Corbett cut 20 percent from Penn State’s allocation in his 2011-2012 budget.

Check out the Governor’s complete request below.

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