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about 8 months ago

Dancer Profile: Atlas’ Ryan McElroy

THON Taffer

Atlas’ Ryan McElroy is such a huge fan of SpikeTV’s Bar Rescue that the nickname on the back of his dancer shirt, “THON Taffer,” is a play on its host’s name, Jon Taffer.

Earlier in the year, Atlas held their annual alumni relations event made complete with a homemade video. This year’s video’s theme? “DAR Rescue” and Ryan McElroy was the one portraying the often explosive Jon Taffer. It was then that his “THON Taffer” nickname was born.

The senior Geography major is no stranger to THON. He’s been a member of Atlas for the past four years and was a Special Events Captain last year. At first, he didn’t even know what THON was, but the passion of Atlas brought him to the organization his freshman year.

Ryan McElroy

“Before my first THON, I didn’t know what to expect,” McElroy said. “As soon as I stepped foot inside the BJC, I could just feel the energy and I was immediately hooked.”

“I’ve had unbelievable support so far from Atlas,” continued McElroy. “We have a huge section in the stands and there’s always a ton of people on the floor for extra support.”

Among those at THON are his brother Chris, a junior and also a member of Atlas. McElroy, along with the other nine dancers of Atlas are just in awe of the event at the moment, but they know that they have a long battle ahead. As Taffer says, “I don’t embrace excuses, I embrace solutions.”

THON - The IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON), the most ubiquitous event on campus, has been in existence since 1973. THON currently benefits the Four Diamonds Fund at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Children’s Hospital and has raised over $100,000,000 since its inception. Read more