Distraction of the Day: Penn Staters are FTK in Florence, Italy


While THON may be held in the BJC every year, the reach of THON spreads all over the world. A group of study-abroad students in Florence, Italy organized a THON watch party for the final four hours this year, despite it being five hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time zone.

Check out this video sent to us by Michael Pansolini:

THON Reveal 2014 – PSU Florence from Michael Pansolini on Vimeo.

According to the description, the video was made “to highlight the continued support and enthusiasm of THONers and Penn Staters regardless of their distance from Old State.” The group raised $350 FTK during the dinner.

It’s pretty neat that no matter where you go in the world, the power of THON and Penn State can always bring people together.

Photo By: Alex Robinson




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