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about 7 months ago

Dottie Sandusky Interviewed on Today Show

For the first time ever, Jerry Sandusky’s wife Dottie spoke at length publicly about what she and her family have gone through over the last two and a half years since her husband was charged with sexually abusing children in November 2011.

The Today Show’s Matt Lauer came to State College last week to interview Sandusky, with the assist by filmmaker John Ziegler. In short, Dottie still believes her husband is completely innocent. She travels three hours each way every week to see him at the maximum security Greene State Prison where he will spend the rest of his life. Visibly emotional at times, Dottie explains how obviously tough the situation has been on her family but says she’s getting through it with the help of family, friends, and her church.

There’s not much point in going into detail here. You’re either going to watch the video, or you’re not going to care. In any case, here it is. Do with it as you wish:

Sandusky Scandal - On November 5, 2011, a 23-page Grand Jury report rocked Penn State to its foundation. As a result of Jerry Sandusky being convicted on 45 of 48 counts sexual abuse against 10 minors and subsequent fallout and alleged coverup by several key school administrators and legendary coach Joe Paterno, these events will forever be a dark stain in the history of our University. Read more